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Brandon Farms

Located in Hopewell Township. Brandon Farms is a community of single family homes and townhouses. Perfect for families and commuters.

Communities include:

  • Brooks Crossing
  • Drakes Mill
  • Mershon Chase
  • Smiths Crossing
  • Thompson Grove

Homeowners Association:

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Sold Activity

165 Shrewsbury Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$279,900 $260,000 Brandon Farms
4 Fanning Way, Pennington, NJ42.1$510,000 $499,500 Smiths Crossings
1 Henley Pl, Pennington, NJ42.1$633,000 Mershon Chase
305 Amberleigh Dr, Pennington, NJ32.1$329,900 $310,000 Brandon Farms
246 Colt St, Pennington, NJ32.1$400,000 $382,500 Brandon Farms
18 Coburn Rd, Pennington, NJ42.1$509,900 Smiths Crossings
509 Bollen Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$333,900 $320,000 Brandon Farms
111 Kentshire Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$415,000 $400,000 Brandon Farms
100 Coburn Rd, Pennington, NJ32.1$390,000 $382,000 Brandon Farms
4 Howe Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$367,500 $375,500 Brandon Farms
204 Sandpiper Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$334,900 Brandon Farms
412 Pebble Creek Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$398,000 Brandon Farms
103 Deer Run Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$317,500 Brandon Farms
7 Voorhees Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$359,000 Brandon Farms
2 Donovan Rd, Pennington, NJ42.1$609,900 Brandon Farms
106 Shrewsbury Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$259,900 Brandon Farms
61 Chicory Ln, Pennington, NJ32.1$472,500 Brandon Farms
11 Welwyn Ct, Pennington, NJ42.1$509,500 Brandon Farms
509 Amberleigh Dr, Pennington, NJ32.1$324,900 Brandon Farms
53 Chicory Ln, Pennington, NJ65.1$669,000 Brandon Farms
3 Wyckoff Dr, Hopewell, NJ42.1$604,000 Brandon Farms
19 Fanning Way, Pennington, NJ42.1$575,000 Smiths Crossings
168 Shrewsbury Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$299,000 Brandon Farms
804 Bollen Ct, Pennington, NJ32.1$353,750 Brandon Farms
4 Avalon Rd, Pennington, NJ42.1$532,000 Brandon Farms
503 Bollen Ct, Pennington, NJ22.1$300,000 Brandon Farms
208 Kentshire Ct, Pennington, NJ22.1$299,900 Brandon Farms
303 Watkins Rd, Pennington, NJ22.1$300,000 Brandon Farms
32 Coburn Rd, Pennington, NJ42.1$525,000 Smiths Crossings

Active Listings

Active Listings in Brandon Farms, NJ

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